English is the project's main language, with more than 15 titles, and apart from my Swedish artbook Svenskt Konstglas, all books come in English, and all the English texts are publishable (except The Caspian Connection that needs a polish). Of Special Interest: The Complete Works of Andres Laszlo Sr, Mother Unknown, Doña Juana: Script, The Tale of Two Knaves, The Caspian Connection, The Challenge, The Drug ProblemDrug Illegality is a Scam. Agent Info


Spanish is the project's "2nd language", with eight titles by Senior, and four by Junior. As Senior was considered "a Spanish writer", and as Junior nowadays lives in Spain, this is an important language. Senior's titles (except The Complete Works of Andres Laszlo Sr.) are all paper-published with Plaza Janez (at the time Spain's most prestigious publisher). Of Special Interest: The Complete Works of Andres Laszlo Sr. (as previously not available), The Laszlo & Laszlo Chronicles (needs work), The Challenge (as an adaptation of Senior's bestseller) & The Drug Problem I (as "Spanish"/liberal in spirit). Agent Info.


Neither Senior nor Junior wrote in French, but we are both French citizens, and Senior was published with the most prestigious French publishing house (Gallimard) and was agented by the most illustrious French agent (Jenny Aspenwall Bradley: James Joyce’s agent). Senior has six titles in French and Junior three: the translations are all “ok plus”. Three books are paper-published of which two are still in print, and France is an important market. Of Special Interest: Laszlo & Laszlo Chronicles (as both I and Senior are French), and The Challenge (as it is a new high-quality and well-illustrated children's book based on a classic). Agent Info.


I count myself as a Swede, my only paper-published book, which has kept me in champagne (or, beer, rather) for 25 years was in Swedish, and my written Swedish is ok. Also, Sweden is the only place where a reader/publisher/agent might know who I am. I have six titles of my own in Swedish, and I have translated three of Senior's texts. Of Special Interest: Laszlo & Laszlo Chronicles (as I am Swedish), The Caspian Connection (as much of the action is set in Sweden and Swedish is an alternative to English as I move this towards CINE), Doña Juana: Script (as I believe there could be Swedish theater companies interested in staging/developing it because of its poignant humor and feminist content), My Uncle Jacinto (as it is a 'classic' and previously not available in Swedish & The Challenge (as it is a high-quality and well-illustrated children's book). Agent Info.


Italian was for long "the lost language" with only My Uncle Jacinto (the movie was an Italian-Spanish co-production) translated. I have changed this, translating also Paco Never Fails, The Family Chronicles, and my own The Challenge. The translations are allegedly between "high quality" and "professional", and my feeling is that Italian is a language where both the Laszlo’s ought to be successful. Of Special Interest: The Challenge (as it is a high-quality and well-illustrated children's book). Agent Info.


Senior has two paper-books published in German, of which one has been retranslated. Six out of seven Senior-books have been translated, of which I own the rights to five, so there is an opportunity (with some work) to publish The Complete Works of Andres Laszlo Sr. I can imagine great possibilities on the German e/PoD-market but the problems are 1. I do not speak German & 2. The translations are said to be poor (but not terrible). I am very much looking for a way to improve "The German Situation". Agent Info.


My only Catalan title is Paco Never Fails. Translation quality has been questioned, and I am willing to accept basically whatever offer comes my way (33% reserved for translator).


The only title in Bulgarian is My Uncle Jacinto. I am told that the translation is very bad, and with nothing whatsoever to recommend myself or the Bulgarian part of my project, I am of course willing to accept whatever offer comes my way.


The only title in Japanese is My Uncle Jacinto. I am told that the translation is excellent and that the book was a big hit. The text, though scanned, has not yet been turned into digital text.