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“I think of myself as one of the last who managed to capture some interesting slices of 'real reality' before it slipped away, leaving us with little more than virtual.”
Andres Laszlo Jr.




Andres Laszlo Senior and Junior are/were both tall, well-built, charming, and handsome (especially Junior). Also, they are both writers (especially Senior) and avid collectors. Both have lived their lives well outside of “normality,” both started their literary careers by writing art books designed to promote their collections, and neither of them could really complain over the title of their family chronicles: The Tale(s) of Two Knaves. If you like one of them, you’ll probably like the other (the opposite is probably also true). 

Andres Laszlo Sr.Andres Laszlo Sr., a mid-century feminist in the Paris’s ‘Bradley-circle’ – with titles such as Doña Juana (where Don Juan gets upstaged by a young girl); Mother Unknown (where the mother’s identity is unknown)Paco Never Fails (where the father of thousands realizes he is not the father of his wife’s child), and My Uncle Jacinto (where a womanless uncle/nephew relationship is explored – is being revived, upgraded and adapted (the main part of this article has been taken from Wikipedia ). More

Andres Laszlo Jr.At the age of one and a half, Marilyn Monroe put him in her lap and said he was adorable; 40 years later Richard Dawkins had him evicted from New College, Oxford. Andres Laszlo Jr. – adventurer, drug policy researcher, and budget jet-setter – has probably done more brainless things than your five daftest friends together. But, maybe more remarkably, Andres Laszlo Jr. is a fat and unattractive guy who has managed to convince life to let him lead the life of a looker. More