The-Drug-Problem-inglesThis book suggests that we should turn away from drug illegalization; that we should do so not because drugs are good, but because what follows as a result of illegalization and the accompanying Supply Oriented Drug Policies (SODPs), is much worse than what follows from a liberal approach. Although this book is on a depressing topic, the text has been designed to be entertaining: you will be surprised. Read the book partVIDEO

Against an untraditional and provocative background - man as a weakened species and in need of certainties in a world that offers ever less such – the reader is guided to find out whether illegalization is likely to bring about anything positive, according to his or her own beliefs and values. The author believes that he has successfully corroborated a “no” in response to this question, and he thinks that you will prove this to yourself by taking this test: My Drug Problem. In addition, he claims that he has come up with some interesting new or at least unusual thoughts. Take "My Drug Problem" test.

Some main conclusions of these books are that our present focus on SODPs is at best misguided, that a partial legalization is an option well worth consideration, and that better understanding of the drug problem could well be had by asking; “Why are drugs illegal?”

“The writing of Andres Laszlo is not for everyone. He challenges, pushes, provokes, and dances wildly in that strange borderline between cool analytics and expressionistic creativity. This said, he has written a book on drugs, drug use, drug policy, and drug experience that deserves to be taken seriously, as a challenge, a push, a provocation, and an orgiastic dance of intellectual energy. It will not be to everyone’s liking, and takes a certain pleasure out of just this fact.”
Professor Alf Rehn








Drug Harms Literature.