Andres Laszlo Jr. has long harbored two main preoccupations: “Illegalization of narcotic drugs causes a lot of bad things and very few good” and “Money is becoming the measure of what it shouldn't become the measure of.” Yet, he has always felt that there were people better suited than himself to get onto their soapboxes in order to deplore and explain this bad stuff - “dysfunctionalities”, as he thinks of them - and not until the early 2010s did he realize that: The fact that money is becoming the measure of what it ought not to be allowed to become the measure of could well be one important reason to why drug illegality is not repealed.    VIDEO

It was only then - as he realized that his two pet grievances maybe could be seen as somehow riding in tandem - that he started to believe that he knew part of the reason why dysfunctional social discourses were allowed to survive, thrive and rule us; it was only then that he felt that he might have something important to contribute; it was only then that he decided to put pen to paper and it was only then that he decided to start out on his series: Dysfunctional Discourses (starting with a book on the only dysfunctional discourse he feels he knows enough about to say something worthwhile about: The Drug Problem). Unfortunately, then a lot of bad things happened in Laszlo's life, and it is only now - or, late 2018, rather - that Dysfunctional Discourses again seem to become a priority.


And, sure enough, as Junior started to think about it, all sorts of dysfunctionalities - hidden and manifested - started to suggest themselves. Whereas the first part of Dysfunctional Discourses is about a particularly obvious dysfunctionality (believe me: it is, and when you have read my book, you will agree) - drug illegality - the second part will DV be more abstract and about what causes Dysfunctional Discourses in general.

This project has been put on the back burner - as I started to develop The Laszlo & Laszlo Project - but it is my hope that it shall start gathering momentum the autumn of 2018 as from then on I DV shall have more time to devote to "fun stuff".