Blue & Red Rider

Data: Signed; Orrefors, Ariel E. Ohrstrom, 1938. Height; 19 cm. Motif; Blue & Red Rider on Horse against a background of amorphous blobs/splendid vegetation.

Exhibited; (i) The piece might have been exhibited in Orrefors showrooms in Malmö, but if so, it was not photographed in the catalogue, (ii) Full page photo in “Svenskt Konstglas” 1991, pp 74, (iii) A close-up of this vase makes up the front and back cover of the book “Svenskt Konstglas”,  On page 10 in "Svenskt Konstglas" this Ariel is depicted together with two other pieces as an example of Swedish Crystal at its best. Apart from this, as far as I know, this piece has never been exhibited or photographed. However, it will be depicted in my next book unless it is bought before the publishing thereoff, and if the buyer wishes it shall not be depicted. 

Provenance; This piece was bought from a grandson of Gustaf Bergqvist - the man who in all likelihood invented the Ariel technique. There is a (documented) tale behind this Ariel. Gustav Bergqvist - the master blower who executed this vase - was both the one allegedly inventing the Ariel technique and Edvin Ohrstromʼs favourite blower. When he was offered to pick an Ariel for himself, this was his pick. From Gustav Bergqvist it went to his son, and from him to his grandson from whom I bought it.

The piece. When two colours were combined in an Ariel piece, they were normally contrasted; never have I seen two colours so harmonizing, melting into one another like this. “The Blue & Red Rider” is - in my opinion, taken for all in all - the most attractive Ariel I have ever seen (beware, the photos does not make the piece justice).