Hald Ariel

Data: Signed; Orrefors, Ariel nr 2132 II, Hald”. The “II” probably stands for “inferior quality”, and if so, this is probably motivated by the line in the base. 

Exhibited; Not exhibited

Provenance; Bought at Swedish auction.

The piece. Read the books written on Orrefors and its history [including mine], and you will learn that Gate and Hald stayed away from Ariel-making, sort of leaving this “new technique” to the two new guys on the block [Lindstrand & Öhrström]. This little bowl proves us all wrong. This, a not all that beautiful a bowl that carries the name of Edward Hald is, as far as I know, the only Ariel by Hald ever to reach the market and possibly the only ever made. The bowl, in the base, has an uncoloured line right across it, something that can hardly have been put there intentionally.