Karl, a sculptor, escapes WW 2 to Tangiers (Morocco). One day he finds what obviously is his (3-4y old) son at his doorstep with a letter: You always wanted a son without a mother: here he is. Do not try to find out who I am. XXX. As the war end over the boy ask his father to find his mother. There are three possible women, and Kurt goes in search (if you are a producer/director and need to read more, you are the wrong person): Naples, Paris, and Avila. This is the first of my father’s three major novels and the only not to become a film. It has been very much improved (esp. as given the content editing it originally never received) as it was adapted for cine, and (for the first time) translated into English. I am contemplating working this book towards synopsis/scenario, but I need ideas as to the structure. A straight/traditional timeline is not an option, and I am looking for something "a la Tarantino" (see below). Mother Unknown was about to become a movie at Senior's demise, and there was a script that got lost, though I still retain Senior's synopsis.