Though this is a "popular science" book/written to entertain, it is also a very serious and pretty "deep" book, designed to make people understand the terrible consequences of supply-illegality. I was a drug policy researcher, I am a fiction writer, I was "best student", and as in addition I have no ax to grind my desire to make the reader understand is honest; so in a way, I am the perfect person to write this book. However, though a good read it is, I am no longer on top of the subject (I was until 2011) so even if the text is pretty timeless, there must be stupidities that need removing: can you fix? To edit this text you need a background in (narcotic) drug policy, and in order to enjoy/understand the work, you also need plenty of education. A problem is that if you are the right person for this job, I probably cannot afford you (but then you might know the right publisher for me and double as my agent...). NB. In my book The Drug Problem, "drug" refers to "illegal narcotic drugs", and the book is all about why illegality (mainly from an economic/philosophic point of view) is a very bad idea, especially because of the corruption it creates.


This is a unique combination of literary elements: 49 short stories, 110 years of father-son biography/autobiography, interconnected biographical introductory paragraphs, stories from a man-eating tiger's point of view, and all arranged along a time-axis designed to help convey a feeling of continuity. The structure is great (and new, I think), but there are things that can be improved: 1. Continuity between the introductory paragraphs, 2. The individual short stories (so for this you need to be a short story writer/reader) & 3. "Stand-alone": much of the second half of the chronicles (my short stories) reads more like a continuous adventure than as individual short stories (so you need to identify stories that with relative ease can be made to stand-alone, and then suggest how to fix).


This is a mega-project, and though the two first books are presentable, I need assistance: someone with other fortes than myself. This is not so much about creating a good read, as creating cinematic potential. This is about the adventures of Karli, Odin's son (Karli doesn't know that) on earth in the 21st century, as his "mountain moment" and the possible "end-of-the-world" (unless he fixes things) approaches. Keywords: Vikings, Norse mythology, Islam, Aisha, Kharijites, French Interpol, CIA, KGB, Sundarbans, tigers, Swedish police, Swedish feminism, Sana Quaran, Arabic texts, and antique dealing. This text exists in Swedish as well.


The French 1952-version is terrible, whereas the English is great, and a professional translation of the (new) English version back to French could lead to cine. I own the rights to the French book, so I think it would be ok (i.e. legal) to collate, i.e. looking at the French text and the English. This text was about to become a (French) movie at Senior's demise, so if this now happens from the French text, you'd get kudos from that.


A lot of Senior-books are published in German (as e/PoD or as traditional paper-books), but the quality is questionable. I would like to see it all taken care of, i.e. someone to handle the entire German project: 1. Fix up all German texts, 2. Translate the one missing text (or I could fix that), 3. Create The Complete Works of Andres Laszlo Sr. in German (or I could do that), 4. Put the (now nine with my Die Herausforderung) different texts up on suitable platforms (or I could do that), 5. Promote so as to sell e-books. So, it's really just (minimum) 1 & 5 that you ould have to take care of. Check out my German page, and make me an offer. I will be generous.


I am a writer living in the south of Spain (Fuengirola), where I have turned my house into three apartments. Upstairs, where there's room for one more, I live (I am good at books, scripts, languages, representation, and outoftheboxthink); downstairs (place for one more) lives the photographer (he is good at computers, formatting, video-making, photography, and web design). In the middle, there is a whole posh apartment that sleeps 4. I am looking for someone with sales/publishing experience to stay in the middle apartment on a short or long term, either paying (if you do not want to work very much), free of charge (if you want to work a little) or being paid (if you want to work a lot).  


Even with a becoming amount of modesty I can claim to be pretty unusual, and therefore, if unusual in my case (I'm several "maybe world's X") equals marketable, then maybe a publicist could make something out of this. My problem is that as soon as I start "telling how good I am", my knees start shaking and I feel like a jerk. Check out my bio (there's much more, that modesty forbids me to write).


Hi Upworkers/Freelancers
If you can tick "1" & "2" below, please reply
1. The skills of a literary estate agent
2. Intimate knowledge about platforms such as Upwork and about how and where to find 'rising talent' at good prices
My father/Senior was once considered a top-European fiction-writer, and I/Junior have lived for 25 years on my only paper-published book. I am about to start to commercialize a big literary/cinematic project containing new texts/scripts as well as texts/rights going back to the 1930s. I need advice on how to find 'rising talent' and agents for my project. I have re-worked my father's various literary assets and also added a few of my own (translating, adapting, finishing, editing, digitalizing, etc., finding talent mainly on Upwork & Fiverr) for 10 years. Now I am about to commercialize the project in the spirit of 'Let's see where I can get good cooperation from individual agents, and rising talent', esp. in India as I spent winters in and around Mumbai, then I'll try to find a literary estate agency to take over the rest of the literary stuff, while I start working on the cine-part of the project. Though in a way I am looking to potentially fill maybe 50 positions (realistically, filling 3 with great candidates would be better than expected). I have questions/worries such as:1. Where should I put in my ads in search of 'rising talent' and,2. How to improve on my job-post presentations? Agent Info