You have seen a sample of the texts that I can offer in different languages above, and you can click "your flag" and then "books" for information about what books I have in your language (or go to Amazon to enter Andres Laszlo Jr.). Of course, I would be delighted if you offered to take over something that is hard for me to work (especially "German Books") but more reluctant to "part with" something in an attractive language (so in such a case you would have to convince me that you are good). For individual-language-agency: Read More


My fictional genres are general fiction, historical novel, biography/autobiography, children's novel, adventure, murder mystery, short stories. Some keywords: vampire, irony, feminism, Viking, Norse mythology, Islam, man-eating tigers & Sundarbans. For individual-genre-agency: Read More


The books, especially those for which I will not find traditional publishers, will be promoted as e-books/PoD (Amazon: enter Andres Laszlo Jr.). If you feel "I know exactly where I want this book listed, priced, described, and promoted!" contact me.


I own the rights to the texts of my father’s books (7 books + 25 translations), films (3), as well as some distribution rights and scripts, and I am an ok writer myself with 20+ books (counting translations). For 12 years I have worked on advancing “The Laszlo & Laszlo Project”, without commercializing it, but now I have decided to do so, and as I want to keep control, I plan to use platforms such as this. Yet, in a way, what I want, is someone with the skills of a literary estate agency that could manage several aspects of my project, (preferably sitting on the desk next to me and my photo/computer guy here in Fuengirola, Spain). But then, with such skills, you wouldn't be reading this, would you...


I am looking for someone to set up/book meetings at the big book fairs in Frankfurt, Bologna, and (maybe) London. Though I am not good at promoting myself (i.e., at begging and bragging), I am okay at meeting and negotiating with publishers & agents. I need someone with a magic touch to contact publishers and agents for esp. English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Italian, or German books: to match books to publishers/agents, use magic, and be my booking agent. Let's meet in real life, and take it from there.


Three children's books, 49 short stories (15+ suitable for competition), two books on drug policy, seven top-European-writer-texts that I have improved so much that maybe one could call them "new books", a Viking adventure series, and family chronicles like nothing ever written before. These are all looking for competitions to enter into, as well as grants to be published and promoted.