As Senior has six adult fiction titles out of seven, and I five out of seven - actually, it could be argued that we are both seven for seven - this is the bread and butter of the project. As to Senior's titles, the most interesting are those that have been changed/adapted/upgraded the most: Mother Unknown (as much improved), Paco never Fails (as turned into a murder mystery), The Seal Castle (as much improved) & Doña Juana (as much improved and turned into a theatre script). As for Junior: The Tale of Two Knaves (as a new form of literature), and The Caspian Connection (as an epic adventure series full of potential). 


1. Senior wrote My Uncle Jacinto that became a bestselling children's book, 2. Senior wrote a collection of short stories, where one was The Merry-go-Round Horse: a deep, philosophical, and unexplored children’s story. and 3. I have made an adaptation of Senior's bestseller: The Challenge that is a well-illustrated children's book


Senior wrote a collection of 24 short stories - Only the Landscape Changes - and I added 25 to produce a collection of short stories covering 110 years. Then I translated-adapted-edited Senior's stories, ordered things along a timeline, giving each story an introductory/biographical paragraph, and called it a biography: The Tale(s) of Two Knaves. These short stories could easily be turned into 24 Short Stories by Andres Laszlo Sr. and 25 Short Stories by Andres Laszlo Jr. 


Senior wrote seven fictional texts in Spanish that are all available in Spanish (unedited), and in English (edited/adapted). Six out of seven are available in German, and four in French.


This I believe is an important book on drug policy. However, though I was the fastest student in my country and the writer of a well-received book on art, I never got any Swedish publisher interested in translating and publishing the English text. Therefore I have popularized my research into The Drug Problem. There’s also a “half book/half video script”: Drug Illegality is a Scam.