On this SITE, APART FROM 60+ BOOKS, you can learn about: (i) Andres Laszlo Sr.: Rights to more than 40 books & films, including seven new translations into english of his major works, (ii) Andres Laszlo Jr.: 1. an Adventure series starring Odin’s son in the 21st century, 2. A Controversial drug policy book, 3. a well-illustrated children’s book based on My Uncle jacinto & 4. 46 short stories depicting 100 years of me and my father's lives, (iii) Orrefors: one of the World’s best privately owned collections, (iv) spanish icons: A collection exhibited in 3 continents, (v) TAlks given By Andres Laszlo Jr. & (vi) the Laszlo&Laszlo project.     Thank you for visiting my website.            Andre Laszlo Jr.   0034 663 18 36 05 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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