During the 1980s I got obsessed with the idea of creating a great Orrefors collection. I tried to compete with the main actor and though I didn't succeed - she was a billionaire and I, at least relatively speaking, a pauper - I did manage to put together a good collection. Several great collections have been sold the last few decades, leaving (possibly with the exception of the Bischofberger and Janov collections) my Orrefors collection as the best remaining in the private domain, at least if one is looking to the top pieces, and disregard the fact that my collection is somewhat thin.    VIDEO

The collection presented here is a very small one, yet each piece has the merit of being either of great cultural interest (the three to be sold and described below and on the Swedish version of this homepage) or capable of competing for the title "best in its category": best Ariel (1), best Öhrström Ariel (3), best Lindstrand Ariel (1), best engraved piece (1), best Fishgraal (1), best Ravenna (4) & best Kraka collection. View Collection. As I (as you can see on this website) about to focus on publishing, I am now looking for finance, and if I received a good offer for the collection, I would listen. Also, I am afraid I have not answered to the mail from this site during the last 15 years (well, someone from Philadelphia contacted me by means of telephone) but from now on, I will answer.

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